How to make money in the new age of gifted education

The first thing you’ll need to know is that gifted education is becoming a hot commodity.It’s not just about making money for you; it’s also about helping to shape your children.The best thing to do when you’re ready to give gifted education a go is to go to a school that has it, or a school with a strong programme […]

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Why children in Britain are getting more and more from their parents

From compulsory child-care to breastfeeding, children in the UK are being increasingly taught to think of their parents as “superparents”, the UN’s Child Trends project has found.In a global analysis, Child Trends, which was carried out by the UN and published this week, looked at the development of children’s perceptions of their own parents, the role of parents in their […]

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How Catholic schools in the US are getting ‘stuck’ in the ‘culture wars’

In a new report, MTV News examines the educational challenges faced by Catholics in the United States and offers tips for parents and teachers alike.The report, “Childhood and the Culture Wars,” reveals that parents, educators and faith leaders are grappling with a generational shift in the country, which has led to more secular education.As children become more engaged with technology, […]

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How to raise a child with ADHD

By the time my son was 4 years old, I had begun to notice that my son had ADHD symptoms.When he was 2, his mother was diagnosed with ADHD, which meant she was having trouble with her job and getting her homework done.By 5, my son began to feel anxious and overwhelmed, and was becoming irritable and aggressive.At around the […]

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