How to make an argument about autism

“Autism is an incredible gift to have,” added another person.””To have autism that is not a disease, a disability, but a gift, to have a gift that allows people to learn and grow and feel that they have something to contribute to society.”“Autism is an incredible gift to have,” added another person.“I love this subreddit,” said another woman.“I love the […]

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The Government’s child care plan is an expensive boondoggle

By Nick LeggettThe Government’s $14.6 billion plan to fund child care for the disadvantaged is a costly boondoggles, writes Nick Leggedett.The scheme is to cost about $6.5 billion and the Government’s spending plans are designed to boost gross domestic product (GDP) by $2.8 trillion over the next four years, which is to say about 3 per cent of GDP.Yet if […]

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Why don’t you learn to read?

The UN’s child health and development agency (UNICEF) has called for a more holistic approach to education to be adopted by parents in developing countries.The agency said parents must learn to interpret their children’s messages and emotions, not just read them, in order to prepare them for life in the global marketplace.“We must be able to say to children, ‘You […]

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