Trump administration to offer $3 million to support gun education program

President Donald Trump’s administration is proposing to give $3.4 million in grants to states to help promote gun safety and training, a senior administration official told Politico.The National Rifle Association, which is also on board with the plan, welcomed the move.“This is a critical first step in the right direction to reduce gun violence and protect our children,” the group […]

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Child soldier education causes child deaths

Child soldier Education causes Child Deaths (a) Source National Review article Child Soldiers and Child Soldiers Education Causes Child Deaths, a report prepared for the Department of Justice by the Child Soldiers Protection Act of 2000, is the result of years of work in the Department’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI).OSI is dedicated to assisting federal law enforcement agencies and […]

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How to improve the quality of child education for children

In a new report released Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is warning that the lack of state-funded child education plans in the U, and the growing number of school closures, is putting children in harm’s way.The report, which is based on data from the National Center for Education Statistics, says that as of May 2017, […]

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