How to save money on your child’s preschool education

Posted March 18, 2018 06:16:38The $1,100 for a preschool preschool education can add up quickly for many parents, and you may have heard of preschoolers in particular.Some states have implemented preschool tax credits to help offset the cost of a preschool education, while others have not.This article will explain how to save up to $1 in preschool tuition to help […]

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What happens when your child’s TV is a TV-connected device?

A child’s television has become a device that’s constantly connected to a network and connected to the internet, and there’s a clear focus on connecting it to the world.But the focus isn’t always on the content it’s being used for.This series looks at the experiences of parents who have children with different needs, and asks what it’s like to make […]

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Child-focused education program helps children improve reading, math skills

A child-focused classroom education program is helping children improve their reading, reading comprehension and math skills, a new study says.In a study published in the journal Child Development, researchers found that a child-centric education program led to improved reading comprehension, reading and math scores for about 60% of preschoolers.The study found that students were able to read books on a […]

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