Which Child Care Provider Are You?

We found some very interesting things about child care providers in our research, which you can read in our Child Care Finds section.For example, a few providers we found in this study are offering private rooms in which to use the restroom, and others are offering a variety of different programs, including parenting classes and sports teams.The fact that some […]

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How to make a childless child happy

The childless generation may seem to be facing its own child slavery education crisis.But it’s also facing the consequences of its own education.In the US, one in five children under 18 is childless, according to a study by the Pew Research Center.In China, it’s more than one in four.In Britain, it is one in six.In the Philippines, one of the […]

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Which school should I attend? The experts explain how to select a school

Child education expert Michelle Bock says it’s all about getting the right child education to your child’s best interests.“It is very important that you are making a decision for your child based on a wide variety of factors,” she says.Bock believes you need to consider all aspects of the child’s educational background, including how much they have already done, how […]

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