How to save money on your child’s preschool education

Posted March 18, 2018 06:16:38The $1,100 for a preschool preschool education can add up quickly for many parents, and you may have heard of preschoolers in particular.Some states have implemented preschool tax credits to help offset the cost of a preschool education, while others have not.This article will explain how to save up to $1 in preschool tuition to help […]

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Trump: ‘I’m not sure’ if he’d sign bill to ban child actors

President Donald Trump said Sunday he is “not sure” whether he would sign legislation to ban the use of child actors in public school classrooms.Trump, speaking to reporters in New Jersey, said he is open to hearing from advocates on child actors and said he will “look at” the issue in the coming weeks.“I’m open to a lot of different […]

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