When you’re in school, it can feel like your kids are the stars

Posted November 20, 2018 07:15:17 When you were in school it felt like you were watching the stars.The stars, of course, are the schoolkids.The bright ones, the ones who had a dream of being star athletes, or just had the best grades.Or, maybe, the star players of your favourite team.But that’s just a snapshot of a time in our history.The […]

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‘I was a child for 10 years’: How my child left home, college and career behind in the UK

My son left home at the age of 10, and I lost track of where he was for most of his life.For a time, I tried to keep up with the news by texting him and trying to keep in touch with him.But then he would not come home.He would not tell me what was going on at home or […]

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