What is a child education program?

By Laura H. King-HurstThe United States Department of Education has just released a new definition of a child care program that includes a number of different types of childcare services.Some of the most important features of a program are: providing child care for eligible persons who are not currently enrolled in a public or private child care facility, receiving a […]

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Child education steps: Child interactive education means children can learn online through interactive games and games and books.

The education department of the Maharashtra government has proposed a child education step in all children’s schools in the state.The step, which was proposed by the Education department, will be implemented on the first day of the school term and it is being implemented for all children in the schools.“This step is to provide the children with more opportunities for […]

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Parents’ fears about child care options at Canadian universities are growing

Parents are concerned about child-reared education at universities, but a new study suggests there are some benefits.The study from the Canadian Federation of Independent Colleges and Universities (CICCU) looked at the options for parents on how to manage childcare while enrolled at university.It found there were some benefits, such as a greater likelihood of learning a new skill, for children […]

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