When you need a reminder of why Australia has the world’s worst child migration policy

When you’ve spent the past five years of your life living in Australia, you’re familiar with the fear that your children may not have a fair chance of getting to the country on their own.And that’s why we want you to remember this when you go on holiday or buy a new mobile phone.“We need you to be able to […]

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How to find and support child prodigy in China

Child prodigy is one of the fastest-growing demographics in the country.The new generation of child prodigies is a growing group of young people who are eager to find their own way in life and pursue their own goals.They are often in the middle of the day, and often have little time to prepare for school or their exams.They can work […]

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Parents’ fears about child care options at Canadian universities are growing

Parents are concerned about child-reared education at universities, but a new study suggests there are some benefits.The study from the Canadian Federation of Independent Colleges and Universities (CICCU) looked at the options for parents on how to manage childcare while enrolled at university.It found there were some benefits, such as a greater likelihood of learning a new skill, for children […]

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