What do you know about child education?

Child education experts are calling on lawmakers to consider the impact of the massive cuts to Medicaid funding to help families meet the needs of children.A report from the Child Education Research Institute and the Child Welfare League of America released Tuesday found that the number of kids in the state of New Jersey who attend day care centers, preschools, […]

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Why you should watch ‘Catch Me If You Can’ instead of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ in 2017

By KENNETH POTTER | USA, July 15, 2017 13:03:22What are the best things to watch this summer?Movies, video games and television?Well, according to a new survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, yes, it’s all about TV.That’s because most people watched TV as children, according the survey of adults conducted for the BLS by the company iSuppli.But the majority […]

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Why should I be a parent?

If you’re thinking about giving up your child, you might want to consider a parenting class.It’s a topic that has fascinated the sports world for years, with coaches often turning to the sport to teach youngsters how to manage a life in the spotlight.It doesn’t have to be a traditional parenting class, however.There are many different ways to get started, […]

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