Parents: We’ll pay for child education through tuition-free college

Parents of students from disadvantaged backgrounds are rallying against a $1 trillion tuition-for-college plan by the Obama administration.The new proposal from the White House and Republican leaders would raise tuition for high school graduates from the current $6,000 a year to $9,000.The current plan would raise it to $12,000 for all but the wealthiest students.The proposal is a first for […]

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Which child education activities are special for children?

Special child education Activities:1.Kindergarten (4-5 years)2.Primary School (3-4 years)3.Middle School (4 years+)4.Secondary School (2-3 years)5.Senior Secondary School(4 years+)6.Secondary Schools (3 years+)7.Childcare and Family Centre(3 years+)-Special children’s activities for children with special needs8.School and Childcare Centre (4+ years)9.Sports Centre(4+-1 years)10.School Library(3-6 years)11.Special Childcare(4-6 months)12.School Language Centre(6 months+)-Children’s activities and books for special needs13.Child Development Centre(2-2 years)14.Child and Family Services Centre(1-2 months)-Special […]

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