Why Are We Teaching Young Children to Eat Their Eggshells?

When we first started teaching toddlers to eat their eggs, the thought of eggshells came up in many conversations.But while eggshell chowder is still a fairly popular, popular ingredient in many traditional Chinese dishes, eggshell salad has gone mainstream and become the go-to dessert in the U.S. This is because eggshell dressing is a quick and easy way to make […]

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Why don’t children read in India?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has launched a drive to get more children reading in India, the country’s largest democracy.“There is a growing demand for books and the government has announced plans to expand its child education programmes,” education minister Suresh Prasad told reporters here.The government has also set up a national child education website, which is being launched […]

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