The Government’s child care plan is an expensive boondoggle

By Nick LeggettThe Government’s $14.6 billion plan to fund child care for the disadvantaged is a costly boondoggles, writes Nick Leggedett.The scheme is to cost about $6.5 billion and the Government’s spending plans are designed to boost gross domestic product (GDP) by $2.8 trillion over the next four years, which is to say about 3 per cent of GDP.Yet if […]

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New U.S. child education research program aims to help families prepare for the future

Child education experts at the Center for American Progress say the federal government is moving toward a “child learning” strategy that aims to provide a more “effective way to build resilience for all children” and that could make a difference in how schools work in the coming decades.The Center for Education Policy and Education Research (CEPR) is partnering with the […]

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