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“We don’t need evolution in education , what we need is revolution”
– Sir Ken Robinson



We all want to change the world and change begins with I.  We at WiseRoots are embracing this change through Holistic approach to education that will benefit our child to develop on all levels i.e. Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual .

Today’s education lacks any real engagement of the child – academic or otherwise and is characterized by “Soul-less-ness” , that is why we believe in nurturing the child’s SOUL and not just the mind. The result would be our child growing into a person who in today’s world will be – heart centered , peace loving, closer to nature, more creative, having a peaceful and loving relationship with the self and others ,living in a place he/she loves, doing work that is rewarding and valuable to the planet and eternally happy. 
Our job at WiseRoots is to give friendly nudges to every child so that it will make each child a unique individual with its spirit intact. 
We all are constantly learning in life from our immediate environment and experiences, children are acutely aware of this more than adults and hence these friendly nudges at the right time will aid them to always be their true self.
We believe real education should not be : very costly , depend on books, expensive toys or gadgets.
 Understanding this gap in current education system , we at WiseRoots are striving to create an inclusive environment wherein a child can educate itself by generating self awareness, surrounding itself with natural elements and build its own experiences.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the young minds, who will become the future of tomorrow, the knowledge on how to live, the knowledge that is largely missing in today’s world. When we say knowledge on how to live, we mean the critical information on how to live like, how to eat, how to interact with our environment, how to protect the planet that sustains us and how to work alongside nature by aligning with the universal creative energy so that every living being inhabiting the planet can thrive. We believe that ,if we catch these young minds early and provide them this knowledge and teach them on how to live in harmony with nature , they will go on to become responsible citizens and respected guardians of this planet

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The WiseRoots Difference
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