Palestinian children will soon be able to attend the US military’s Child Education Champion program, according to the Palestinian Education Ministry.

The ministry announced the program on Thursday.

The move comes after the US Defense Department approved the first children’s education curriculum for the army.

Since October, the program has been conducted in a partnership between the US Army’s Institute of Peace and the Palestinian Center for Strategic Studies, which is the US department responsible for coordinating the Palestinian program.

The program will be administered by the Peace Center of Palestine, which the US government established in 2016.

It is based at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, which serves as a liaison between the United States and the Israeli military.

According to the ministry, the children’s curriculum will include “inclusive educational themes, principles, and experiences.”

It is unclear if children will be required to complete the curriculum, but the program will begin in 2019, said the ministry.

The first children will receive military training and will be stationed in Jordan and Israel, the ministry added.

The US military said the program would provide educational opportunities to young Palestinians, but did not provide details on how the children will gain military experience.

The program is being managed by the US Central Command, the Pentagon’s military department.

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