As part of their first year of school, young women in the Philippines are learning about reality television show The Bachelor.

“What I think about, I think I’m doing a little bit better than before.

It’s a bit easier, I’m not so shy anymore.

And it’s a lot easier to find the answers.

It really helps,” said 18-year-old Karina Caguio, who also teaches English in the Philippine city of Visayas.

Caguio said she was inspired by the show, which was produced by A&C Entertainment and aired on A&am Networks.

She said it’s “a really good way to get more information about reality” because “it’s like a really good guide to life, about things.”

The show is similar to reality TV in that it presents a young couple as the new members of the society, a reality show in which contestants compete against each other for a chance to join their exclusive club.

While the reality show is an attempt to make people feel comfortable and make them feel more connected to each other, Caguia said the show is “very, very realistic.”

Caguia, who is from Visayana, says she thinks she’ll become more comfortable and “like a normal person” as a result of the show.

“So, I hope I’m able to be more confident and get the confidence and the attention,” she said.

Another participant, 17-year old Mariana Garcia, said it was “the best way to learn” because it was the first time she’d had a chance at “real life” and she was “just so excited to do it.”

“I think it was really interesting to see how the relationship of a person would be with the other person and the idea of being the only one and how to be with everyone else,” she added.

“It was very emotional, it was a very interesting experience.

It was a really interesting experience, and I was happy to be there.”

For the students, reality TV offers a lot of challenges.

“The show, in terms of its content, is really, really, not very easy to learn.

And if you’re not willing to do something to get yourself in shape, you’re really going to struggle,” said 15-year and 16-year olds Tonia Araguz, who are studying English.

“You’re just so focused on what you want to do, but you can’t get yourself out of the way.

So, it’s really, it really sucks.

It sucks a lot.”

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