A major focus for some parents has been on the “sickened” children in their care.

Key points: Many parents are questioning whether children should be in childcare centres and why the Government is not doing more to protect them The Government says it is committed to reducing the number of children in childcare but the number is out of control Some parents are frustrated they are being left with “sane” children but not being able to find them a job or a place to liveThe Federal Government says there are more than 5 million children in child care facilities in Australia.

But the number in child welfare centres is far higher.

While it’s a “sensible” number, it means families are left with sickening children in some childcare facilities.

In a report to the ABC, a child protection group called Childcare Australia said the “truly sick” children were being left in care, and that was unacceptable.

“The sickening reality is that child care is not safe for our children,” Childcare Australian CEO and CEO Susan Wilson said.

“There are children in care in Melbourne’s CBD and in Perth, and in Sydney and in Canberra, who are not safe at home and who are at risk of abuse and neglect.”

Children who are in care are at greater risk of harm than the rest of us and we’re not doing enough to protect these children.

“Ms Wilson said while she believed the Government should do more to help children, the current system is “out of control”.”

We need to look at what the best way is for our community to have these children in community,” she said.

The report found many parents were frustrated by the Government’s approach.”

We have a very clear, comprehensive system of childcare in Australia, but we don’t have the right policies in place to protect children in our community,” Ms Wilson said

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