Parents are not just worried about their children eating too many candy bars, candy bars are not good for kids.

They also worry that children will eat too much of it.

This is because they have a hard time getting enough calories.

And kids don’t seem to care about sweets.

It’s just not something they do, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The study was published in the journal Child Development.

The team surveyed parents and preschoolers in Chicago who said they had two or more children under the age of 2.

Of the parents who had two children under 2, half said they regularly ate candy bars.

“The main reason people don’t eat enough of candy bars is because of the sugar content,” said lead author Amanda E. Brown, a professor of psychology at the UI and director of the Child Development and Family Psychology Lab at the UIC College of Education.

“They are not only high in calories, but they’re high in salt, which is another factor that can cause dental cavities.”

So what’s the solution?

The researchers suggest parents start eating the right foods.

“We don’t know how to control calories and we don’t really know how much to feed the kids,” said Brown.

“So parents should focus on what they know to be healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and whole grains that have lower sugar content.”

The researchers also suggest that parents start asking questions about how much their kids are eating.

“Kids are eating a lot of candy, but that’s not because they’re eating too little,” said Ettore F. Vito, a senior research scientist at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and a professor at the School of Public Health and the UI.

“It’s because they can’t afford to eat as much as they used to.”

A few other tips to help prevent dental cavits and obesity: Limit sweets and soda consumption.

Sugar can lead to dental cavitations.

Limit fruit and vegetables to only one meal per day.

Eat more whole grains and whole fruits.

And keep fruits and veggies at the top of the priority list.

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