“Autism is an incredible gift to have,” added another person.””

To have autism that is not a disease, a disability, but a gift, to have a gift that allows people to learn and grow and feel that they have something to contribute to society.”

“Autism is an incredible gift to have,” added another person.

“I love this subreddit,” said another woman.

“I love the kids who are autistic.”

A recent study showed that almost half of the autism population lives in households where parents are also parents.

“Autistic kids are at a higher risk of poor health and poverty, which is why we need more resources for those children,” said Dr. Scott Alexander, who wrote the study.

“That’s why it is so important that these kids have a loving and supportive environment.

They need to have parents who are supportive, who are able to give them the resources that they need to be successful.”

But there’s one problem with the autistic community.

While autism can affect the child in a variety of ways, it’s typically not diagnosed until the age of three or four.

This means that while most parents will love their child, some may be hesitant to make the leap from their own personal experiences to the autism community.

“It’s not just a child who is in a relationship who has autism,” Alexander told BuzzFeed News.

“There are many people in the autism world that are also in a romantic relationship and there are many others who are parents.

It’s like a continuum.””

A lot of these children are being treated as though they are mentally ill, which I don’t think is fair to those kids who have autism.”

Dr. Brian Reitz, an autism expert and professor at the University of Pittsburgh, told BuzzFeed he’s concerned that the autism movement is too focused on one community.

He noted that there are hundreds of communities that have autism, but they often fall into the same camps.

“There are some communities that are very inclusive and inclusive of all families and it’s really important that we work together on those issues,” Reitz said.

“The people who are the biggest threat to this movement are the people who identify as autistic, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a family or not.”

A Facebook post shared by a father of a child with autism in Colorado.

The father says the child has been diagnosed with autism but is being raised by his mother.

“They are both so different and I am very worried about this,” the post reads.

“It’s really difficult to explain to them how you feel.”

“This has been a very emotional, scary time,” said the mother of a man with autism.

“But I want to make sure that the other side is heard.

The parents who have been fighting for me and my son are really trying to do the best they can.”

A man with autistic son in a Florida court.

His father was also in court as he sought to overturn his diagnosis.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)”The people are trying to be a good influence, they are trying, but it’s a really sad situation.”

Alexander said he believes the autism spectrum is complex and that autistic people are in a “danger zone.”

“The most common form of autism is a developmental disorder, and that’s what we are trying not to focus on,” he said.

“We’re trying to make them understand that there is no one thing that is going to make all of this work.

That’s why I’m concerned that people are so focused on ‘Autism will make us happy,’ or ‘Autists will be the best family.'””

We know that autism is an amazing gift to people, and we need to help families understand that,” said Reitz.

“A lot or all of the children who have autistic will have a great life.

But we are not saying that everyone is going be happy.

We are not going to be able to take care of everyone.

We need to try to be helpful and understand the different sides of autism.”

Reitz said that his son has had a long journey, but that he’s proud of his progress.

“His autism is getting better and better and his speech is coming along better,” he told BuzzFeed.

“He is an awesome kid.

He is a bright kid.

I am proud of him.”

The autism community is still struggling to grapple with the autism diagnosis, and many parents are still unsure how to deal with their child.

Some say they’ve been so busy coping with their own difficulties that they’ve missed the bigger picture.

“For parents, it is really hard because of the stress of having to deal,” said an anonymous mother of an autistic child.

“You know what it’s like to be home for the first time, to wake up every morning and have to go to work.

It really hurts.”

Another mother said she has been forced to take a break from work due to her son’s autism

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