Educators across the nation have taken a moment to remember the children who have died as a result of neglect.

The number of children who died as result of child neglect in the United States has reached more than 20,000, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.

That’s more than double the number of child deaths in 2016, and the highest toll in nearly a decade.

Child neglect can mean a wide range of conditions including:Physical, emotional, and social neglectPhysical abusePhysical abuse can include:Substance abusePhysical neglect can include:-Clinging to a parent or caregiverPhysical or emotional neglectMild to severe emotional or physical abuseMild or moderate emotional or mental abusePhysical violencePhysical violence can include:(In the case of rape, physical violence refers to the physical threat of sexual assault)Child neglect is a problem in every corner of the country, and in every state.

It’s happening across the country at a record pace, and its the kind of problem that affects every child, said Michelle O’Neill, executive director of the Children’s National Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Many of the children we see have physical and emotional disabilities that are severe enough to have caused them to die, O’Neil said.

In the past, it was difficult to get children to come to us because they would not come to their health care provider.

Now, they have a medical professional that they feel is there for them.

Many times, they will not come back.

We’re doing a better job of keeping children alive,” O’Nell said.

She said it’s difficult for them to get help when they are in their 20s, which is when many have suffered so much that they can’t even get their driver’s license or their medical records updated.

They are often left with nowhere to go.”

When they go to their medical provider, they say, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t have my records or I don,t have a job, I just can’t get to school,'” she said.

But it can be a challenging time to try to get a child to come into our care, O`Neill said.”

If they can get a doctor’s visit to say, I’m having a hard time getting to work and I have to take a bus, then it can make it much easier to get into our community,” she said, adding that most children have a disability that is severe enough that they will have to wait weeks or months for a doctor to see them.

The U.K.-based charity Children’s Healthcare UK is calling for urgent action to address child neglect.

It says there’s a crisis of unmet needs for children, including physical and mental health care, and children in vulnerable circumstances, including those who live in homes where they have been neglected.

The charity says there are 4 million children in care in the U, with more than a million in the care of carers.

It is calling on the government to:Increase the funding available for the Royal Free Trust and support it with a new policy that would require child protection officers to act in a way that is safe, effective, and effective.

Improve the provision of free and confidential mental health services to those who need them.

Fund child protection teams in the most vulnerable areas, and increase the capacity of children’s health professionals to meet those needs.

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