ANRIMO, Australia — A young Australian schoolgirl who has taught Australian girls how the Quran is recited by its own word is among the top 50 recipients of the National Teaching Award, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported Friday.

The award, named after the Quran, is named after Australian women who have helped create and propagate Islamic learning and culture around the world, including in schools.

The schoolgirl, whose name is not being released for privacy reasons, is one of 12 winners.

She is also among the 10 finalists from 10 different countries.

The schoolgirl will be given a scholarship to study in Australia.

The other winners are:Australian schoolgirl Niamh R. Jones, 18, winner of the 2018 Australian Teaching Award;Australian Islamic scholar Niamah M. R. Harris, 18;Australian Muslim activist Niamat Hussain, 18 and Australian-born teacher Niaman Khan, 19.

Australian Islamic activist and teacher Niazi Ali, 23, who was born and raised in Australia;and Muslim woman and writer Niama M. Chishti, 19, winner for the 2018 Teaching Excellence Award.

The awards were announced Thursday at the World Islamic Forum in Abu Dhabi.

More than 3,000 women from around the globe were honored in the first annual Teaching Excellence Awards, which recognize and honor women who work to create Islamic learning opportunities.

The 2018 awards will be presented to Australian teachers in Abu Dhabah in the United Arab Emirates next week.

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