I’ve just spent three hours trying to understand how the GOP’s Child No Education Act could be so bad and dangerous.

I’ve spent hours trying, in various places, to figure out what this bill is all about, what the GOP would actually be getting done with it, what this is about, and what it might actually mean for kids.

The answer, for now, is “not very much.”

The bill is about as bad as you can get.

It is not about education.

The GOP wants to create a national “charter schools” system.

It wants to eliminate funding for public schools.

It doesn’t really care what we’re doing in schools, or what we do for our kids.

If it’s about children, this is all fine.

The bill, for the most part, is about making it harder for children to get into good schools.

And that’s the point.

The Republican Party believes that education is the most important thing that children need, and that it’s the one area where you can actually do that.

This is all well and good in theory.

It’s not that we don’t need to educate our kids, and it’s certainly true that education has been a real challenge in the past.

But in reality, education is so bad for children that it has actually caused more harm than good.

The first thing the GOP bill does is repeal the Obama-era law known as the “Race to the Top” program.

Under this program, the Obama administration put together a list of schools that are eligible to receive federal dollars to improve student outcomes, including charter schools.

The federal government is supposed to pick schools that meet certain standards, and these schools are supposed to be selected based on their performance.

But this was not a randomized test, but rather a lottery.

The Obama administration picked out about 10,000 schools and said, “We’re going to give you $400 million to help you get the schools that you want to have in your city.”

But the winners were the school districts that were willing to pay the highest tuition, or the ones that had the most money.

These were mostly suburban, mostly white, mostly wealthy districts.

These districts have, on average, lower SAT scores, and lower GPA scores.

The result?

The winners of this lottery, the district that got the most federal money, won.

This lottery was also a huge money-maker for the Republican Party.

This money, it seems, was used to improve the quality of schools, and in many cases to expand charter schools in many of these districts.

When this lottery money was used for this purpose, the winners got to keep the money and not spend it on programs that are meant to help kids.

There is a lot of irony here.

The school districts got a big federal subsidy, the winner got to expand schools, the losers were the ones who didn’t get the money.

The lottery, by the way, was not meant to serve as a real test of whether schools were better than those with less federal money.

It was meant to create winners and losers.

This was a lottery designed to give money to districts that wanted to expand, and the winners would get to keep it.

The losers, the ones whose kids weren’t getting the money, got to lose.

In the end, the lottery worked because the Republican-controlled Congress made the winners of the lottery get a cut of the federal money and didn’t give the losers any money.

This kind of thing is why charter schools have been so successful.

If you are going to use the federal government to give a federal subsidy to a school district, it should be for something other than money that’s meant to improve a student’s academic performance.

The problem with the GOP child no-education bill is that it does just that.

It gives the winner of the voucher money the ability to spend that money on whatever they want.

This means that many districts can do anything.

It means that districts can hire people from outside the district, they can do things like renovate schools or upgrade facilities.

The list goes on and on.

These things, along with the Republican tax breaks, make it much easier for the GOP to get away with what is essentially taking away money from people who are struggling to get a decent education and giving it to rich, white, suburban districts.

This isn’t the only way the GOP is trying to make things harder for kids: the bill also allows the Department of Education to sue school districts for “deficiencies” and “unnecessary expenses.”

These are, of course, exactly the kinds of things that the Obama Education Department had been fighting for years to fight against.

But the Republican child no schools bill makes the Department look like the bully of the school division.

The department is supposed.

to be fighting for the rights of parents.

The Department of Justice is supposed in this bill to enforce the law.

The Dept. of Education is supposed not to give any money to school districts based on what parents want

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