A new report on child education found that children need more time and more space to learn, while teachers were often more focused on preparing children for school and other activities.

In the first of two new reports on the subject released this week, the report by the Jerusalem Center for Children’s Studies and Learning (JCCLS) found that only 25 percent of parents of children in the third grade or younger wanted to have them enrolled in regular classes, while 75 percent said that their children need at least 20 hours of recess per week.

The study also found that, while some parents wanted their children to have more time with their teachers, only 16 percent of teachers wanted to offer extra time for children to study.

Among the findings:Children in kindergarten and first grade were the most likely to miss a lot of time in class, while kindergartners and first graders were also more likely to be absent or miss time.

They were also significantly more likely than their peers to miss out on regular lessons and regular recess.

When asked about the benefits of the school day, children in kindergarten were more likely said that it would give them the time they need for studying, while first grader children were more optimistic about it.

Among parents who did not want their children in regular class, more than half said that they want the school to have enough space and time for all of their children.

While the study is only one piece of a much larger picture, the researchers are concerned that the lack of regular classes and recess can leave children with less time to engage with their learning, learn and feel safe.

“Children need to be able to learn in a safe environment that promotes learning, so we need to find ways to accommodate children in a school environment that encourages learning and safe learning,” the report said.

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