Child care is an important part of Australia’s economy, yet only about half of the jobs available are child care workers.

A $1bn fund that would create a $100 million fund for childcare and child development educators could be a game-changer for the sector, as well as a source of additional income for families.

As part of the $1.5bn Childcare and Child Development Education Fund (CCEDF), it would be used to invest in childcare centres, schools and childcare support services across the country.

Read more: Australia is spending $9.8 billion on child care, but only $2.7bn in childcare support and support services Source: ABC News | Government | Childcare centres, school funding,schools,support child development,school funding,Child care,child Development,Childcare,child,children,child care,children source Financial Mail title Why children’s safety matters to me, not politics: Michelle Rempel article Children’s safety is a big issue for me and for the nation, but the politics of the child care issue is just as important, says Michelle Rempels.

It’s important for the children, but it’s also important for families that we keep them safe, and so I think we need to start talking about this as a political issue, not as a policy issue.

I have two kids, but my husband is a father and we have four children of our own, and our family has a very stable life.

So we’re very happy, and we love our family, and it’s very important for our family that we have the safety net for them.

It’s a very, very good thing to have in place, but I think it’s important that the Government, and this Government, really think about this and make the right choice about this.

Rempel was part of a delegation from the Australian Government’s Child Safety Fund, which was set up to ensure that every child has access to quality childcare.

As a senior cabinet minister in the Labor Government, she has previously led the Coalition to support a national child safety strategy that included the Child Care Investment Fund.

Child care is a vital part of Australian society and the Government should commit to supporting and investing in the sector.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are under-represented in the child support and child support motivation industries, so a $10 billion fund to support them is a game changer.

The $10bn fund would provide the Government with a significant boost in funding for the childcare industry, and create a national childcare support system that would be affordable for families across the nation.

Key points:A $1billion fund would create $100m for childcare centres and schools across the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and New South Wales, and $1 million for the Australian Education CommissionChildcare centres and school funding would be a key focus in the $100mn fundChild care education would also be an important area of focusThe fund would be targeted towards disadvantaged children and families in the three states and territories that currently have the lowest rates of child poverty and child abuse, and could be extended to other regions and states to help address the needs of families with children.

More than half of child care in the country is funded by the Child Support Framework, which is the framework that applies to every state and territory, and includes $15.5 billion for childcare.

The Child Support Fund has been criticised for not funding childcare centres or school funding.

It was set to close in 2022, but a new Coalition Government announced last week that it will re-open the Child Allowance (Childcare) and Child Support (Education) Funds in 2018.

Called the Child Welfare Fund (Welfare and Support), it was supposed to be a new source of funding for people who are experiencing domestic abuse, but was criticised for failing to fund childcare.

The Coalition says it will “make sure every child in Australia has access and supports to a safe and secure environment”.

Consequences of the fundThe $100bn fund could be an example of a $5 billion child care investment, which would be set up at a time when more than $2 trillion is invested in the economy.

According to a Government document, the fund would help fund childcare services in the Northern Territories, while the NT’s $1mn childcare fund would support children in the NT, while Queensland would also benefit from the funds.

This would include the Northern Rivers Child Care Foundation, which provides childcare and school support services to over 40,000 children in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

“The Government’s $100 Mn Child Care Fund is a powerful investment in Australia’s childcare sector,” said Catherine Coppinger, Chief Executive of the Child Safety Network.

“It would provide childcare services to millions of families across Australia, while

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