My son left home at the age of 10, and I lost track of where he was for most of his life.

For a time, I tried to keep up with the news by texting him and trying to keep in touch with him.

But then he would not come home.

He would not tell me what was going on at home or school.

I was devastated.

I went into my own crisis of identity.

My family lost their jobs.

I lost my job, but it was not because of my child.

It was because of other things.

My family and I had to move from one place to another.

I left my home country of Saudi Arabia to go to a new country with a different culture, a different language and a different environment.

I had to find a new job.

I had no other choice.

But I found that my family was not the only ones affected.

There were a lot of parents and siblings who had to take their child out of school because they had no jobs.

They would go to work and then work, and then return home to spend their time with their children.

I was struggling with depression and self-harm.

I used to think that if I could just get myself back on my feet, that I could be happy.

I thought that if my child could just be my friend, I would be happy and that I would not have to go through all of that.

But it didn’t work that way.

I started having suicidal thoughts.

My father was also in that situation.

My mother had a lot to lose.

I have had a long, hard and painful journey with depression.

But now I can say I was lucky to have the right kind of help to deal with my own mental health issues.

This is not a story about the child.

This is a story of a family, and a community.

It is also a story that needs to be shared.

This story should be shared by the people who can help to ensure that we don’t lose our young people, or those that are left behind.

It should be a story for us to understand that our children need support.

It should be for us and for the parents of our young children.

I know it’s not easy, and that is why we want to help.

It’s not about us.

It’s about our children.

It is about our communities.

It can happen anywhere in the world.

In some places, it is not even a problem.

In other places, children are in danger.

We must understand that it’s our children that are in this situation.

I don’t think we will ever be able to undo the trauma of losing our children, but we can try to make sure that it doesn’t happen to another child in our future.

I hope that you will join me in my quest to raise awareness and build a bridge between people and the problems we all face.

Thank you,My name is Ashfaq Khan.

I’m a journalist from London, and am writing a book about my experience of the British media in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

You can follow me on Twitter @ashfaqkhan.

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