You don’t need to have graduated from college to qualify for child education in Singapore.

However, the child care industry is growing in a boom, and this means that the country’s workforce is also growing.

If you’re looking to get a job in the child education industry, the following is a quick look at the top jobs in Singapore for 2018.

Child Care Jobs In 2018, the Singapore Government released a report on child care jobs, which you can read below: Child Care Industry Growth In 2018: Singapore’s child care sector grew at a healthy pace.

Child Care Jobs in Singapore 2018 The following are some of the top child care positions in Singapore, as of September 2018.


 Childcare Coordinator  A child care coordinator is a part-time employee who works in a nursery and provides child care to families and caregivers, as well as provides support services to parents.


Childcare Assistant An assistant child care supervisor is an employee who provides support and supervision to child care staff.


Family Care Coordinator  The Family Care Coordinator is a member of the childcare staff of a family or household.


School Care Coordinator  School care staff are staff members who help schools provide care to students.


Scheduled Child Care Worker The Scheduled Childcare Worker is a paid member of a school, which can be employed in a variety of capacities.


Bachelor Child Care Teacher Bachelors child care teachers provide child care and education services for their families.


Professional Child Care Officer A Professional Child Care Officers (PCOs) is a professional child care worker who is paid by the government.


Registered Child Care Manager Registered child care managers are a part of the government’s child and family care workforce.


Caregiver (Childcare Worker) Care providers are staff who perform tasks related to child and adolescent care and care for parents.

They provide care and supervision in addition to child or adolescent care.


Special Assistant Child Care Supervisor Special assistants are child care workers who perform other tasks related, but not identical to, child care.

These include assisting children and adolescents in their care, monitoring their wellbeing, and providing physical, verbal, and/or emotional support to parents and children.


Advocacy Worker A volunteer is a person who is involved in advocacy activities.


Senior Child Care Specialist Senior child care specialists provide care for children aged from three to 18.


Adult Child Care Assistant Adult child care assistants provide child and adult care services in a wide range of settings.


Staff Education Teacher A staff education teacher works in various capacities, including a child care specialist, a child support and advocacy worker, a social worker, and an advocate.


Health Care Teacher  Health care workers are staff trained in health care, including primary care, chronic disease care, health education, nutrition, and physical and occupational therapy.


Social Worker Social workers are workers trained in social care.

They assist people with emotional and mental health problems.


Administrative Assistant A Administrative Assistant is an administrator with a specific role in the office of child and youth care services.


Parent Teacher Parent teachers provide care services to children and parents.


Support Worker Support workers provide care support to adults in different settings.


Pensioner Pensionser are paid employees who help families manage their finances.


Managing Child Care Administrator Manage Child Care Administrators are responsible for managing child care facilities and policies.


Teacher Teacher is a full-time position, which requires a bachelor’s degree.


Nurse Nurses are the nurses who care for infants and children and caretakers for adults.


Families Care Worker Child care workers provide support to families who provide care in a specific setting, such as a home or family home.


Employee Care Provider Employees are employees who provide caring for clients who are not related to them in any way.


Librarian Librarians are a diverse group of people who work with children and adults in a library setting.


Office Worker  Office workers are responsible to office staff in a diverse range of positions including administrative assistants, sales assistants, and support workers.


Supervisor  Supervisors are employees with an understanding of the needs and desires of clients, and are responsible in many cases to manage the work of staff. 


Dental Assistant  D

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