A new report warns that children’s performance in film is “undervalued” and says the industry has a responsibility to educate and promote them.

The Children’s Society of Canada’s new report, released Tuesday, says children under the age of 5 are “underrepresented” in most major motion pictures.

It notes that only 16 per cent of the children in the top 100 films in Canada were over the age in 2019.

In the top 25 films released in 2018, only 12 per cent were under the ages of 5.

The report also notes that, as of 2018, there were only two children who were featured in more than 1,000 movies, and only four who had at least 1,500 screen time.

It says the lack of representation is particularly concerning because there are no national quotas for the number of children featured in film.

The children’s society says it is calling on the federal government to create an official, voluntary, and voluntary child actors and supporting actors (SAFE) quota for Canada.

The number of child actors will also need to be raised.

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