The United States ranked among the worst child educators in the world, according to a new report from the nonprofit group Child Educator and Educator Resource Center.

Child Educators International reported that only 17.5 percent of the states and the District of Columbia had an average annual rate of child educators who had a child in school or who are employed in a child-care facility, compared with 51 percent in the United Kingdom and 37 percent in Australia.

In contrast, the US has an average of 68 percent of states with a child education rate below 50 percent.

The Child EducATOR report also found that child educators are paid only 37 percent of what their counterparts in other OECD countries are paid.

Child educators are also paid an average $1,913 less than teachers in comparable fields, such as psychology, economics, law and business, according. 

Child educators are “not paid well enough, are not well compensated and have been for decades,” Child Educater and Educators Executive Director and CEO Dr. Jody L. Fennell said in a statement. 

“Our goal is to ensure that children are well educated, safe, and cared for, and this report shows the country continues to struggle,” Fennill added. 

In 2016, the Child Educulator Foundation reported that child-free states like New York, Massachusetts, California, Illinois and New Jersey had the highest rates of child deaths among all states. 

According to Child Educatus, children in the US had a mortality rate of 11.2 children per 100,000, more than triple the world average of 1.6. 

There are roughly 1.2 million child-friendly schools in the U.S., compared with about 445,000 child-safe schools in France, 1.5 million in Britain, and 1.4 million in Japan, according the report. 

Fennell pointed out that there are over 3 million schools for preschoolers, kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Many parents believe that if they are willing to do the extra work to educate their children, there are no strings attached, Fennel said. 

But he added that “child-friendly” is just a marketing term. 

Parents should not be told to give up their time to raise their children alone. 

It’s not just parents who need to make sure that their child is well educated and safe.

“It’s also parents, the school, and the child who are in a position to help ensure their child’s well-being,” he said.

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