The education department of the Maharashtra government has proposed a child education step in all children’s schools in the state.

The step, which was proposed by the Education department, will be implemented on the first day of the school term and it is being implemented for all children in the schools.

“This step is to provide the children with more opportunities for learning online through games and interactive games,” the department said.

Children who are not learning online, and those who do not understand any of the language requirements of their parents can participate in online activities of the state-run Child Education Services.

“We are hoping that the steps will help to improve the education of children and the development of their minds,” the education department said in a statement.

The steps, which are to be implemented over the course of the next two years, will include introducing online learning of English and mathematics, reading, writing and arithmetic.

The education department also said that parents can request the child to take a computer-based test on their behalf in the school.

“The test will be administered by a local agency and will be a test in mathematics, writing, and arithmetic,” it said.

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