What is child education and how does it work?

Child education is a form of social and educational support for children, particularly disadvantaged children, to achieve a greater degree of self-sufficiency.It also provides opportunities for learning, growth and development.Child education is based on a concept of “family and community”.As such, it is often viewed as providing a means for parents to take care of children, and provides a means […]

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When you need a reminder of why Australia has the world’s worst child migration policy

When you’ve spent the past five years of your life living in Australia, you’re familiar with the fear that your children may not have a fair chance of getting to the country on their own.And that’s why we want you to remember this when you go on holiday or buy a new mobile phone.“We need you to be able to […]

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Child education steps: Child interactive education means children can learn online through interactive games and games and books.

The education department of the Maharashtra government has proposed a child education step in all children’s schools in the state.The step, which was proposed by the Education department, will be implemented on the first day of the school term and it is being implemented for all children in the schools.“This step is to provide the children with more opportunities for […]

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