Child interactive education (CIEE) is a key component of children’s education in Australia.

CIEE is the first of its kind to be funded by the Department of Education.

CIAEE is a multi-year, cross-government initiative aimed at ensuring that children have the skills, knowledge and experience to thrive in the world of learning.

Children are taught to identify and learn from experience, to communicate, to think critically and creatively, and to understand concepts.

The project aims to deliver the skills and knowledge that are essential for them to succeed in their education.

As well as the development of their critical thinking skills, children learn the skills of problem solving and problem-solving problem-spotting.

As they develop these skills, they learn to identify how they can apply these skills to their own life and their communities.

Through this research and other activities, the Government will be able to identify the skills that can best enable children to succeed and be successful in their educational futures.

Children with disabilities, people with learning difficulties and families with children with disabilities will benefit from the CIAEe research.

They will also be able take part in community based activities.

The aim of the CIEAe is to enable all children to learn from the experiences and the achievements of the people who are helping them to achieve success in life.

The first child interactive education project was conducted by the CSIRO in 2006 and 2009.

The next is due to commence in 2020.

The second is due in 2021 and will include the introduction of the first ever child interactive language learning programme.

The third is due for completion in 2021.

CIEA has been funded by Australia’s national child development funds.

The funding has enabled the development and testing of an extensive CIAE system.

The Government is committed to supporting CIEA, the development, testing and implementation of CIAE, and the development in all other areas of child development and education.

The CIAE project is the Government’s first major contribution to CIEA.

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