The parents of a five-year-old Jewish boy who disappeared from his home in Tel Aviv after being beaten by his father are facing criminal charges, according to police.

A statement from the police in the northern city of Tel Aviv said police received a complaint on December 17 from a woman who said her son had been assaulted by his grandfather.

She said her granddaughter, born in March, had been left with his grandparents in Tel-Aviv.

“The grandfather, who has been a child protection worker for over five years, was arrested on the day he left the house,” the police statement said.

“He was interrogated, but we do not know what he said.”

The family said they had contacted police several times, but did not receive any answers.

Police said the child is in critical condition, and that he may need a heart transplant.

The case comes amid a spike in cases of child abduction and murder of children.

Earlier this month, police in Israel found the body of a three-year old boy, who was allegedly abducted and murdered by his stepfather.

He was discovered in the backyard of his home with a large knife in his hand.

Police said they believe the case may have been linked to another kidnapping and murder in the Tel Aviv area in January, when an 11-yearold boy was abducted and killed by his mother.

The girl had gone missing after the boy’s father returned home from work and told her she had to meet him in TelAviv to pay for a taxi ride home.

The police have since launched an investigation into the kidnapping.

Israel is known as a hotbed for child abuse and neglect.

In November, police arrested a 16-year, six-month-old boy who was left alone in a car in a supermarket parking lot and left to die.

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