Special child education Activities:1.

Kindergarten (4-5 years)2.

Primary School (3-4 years)3.

Middle School (4 years+)4.

Secondary School (2-3 years)5.

Senior Secondary School(4 years+)6.

Secondary Schools (3 years+)7.

Childcare and Family Centre(3 years+)-Special children’s activities for children with special needs8.

School and Childcare Centre (4+ years)9.

Sports Centre(4+-1 years)10.

School Library(3-6 years)11.

Special Childcare(4-6 months)12.

School Language Centre(6 months+)-Children’s activities and books for special needs13.

Child Development Centre(2-2 years)14.

Child and Family Services Centre(1-2 months)-Special child care activities for young children with disabilities15.

Primary Children’s Centre(7 months+)16.

Primary Education Centre(8-10 months)17.

Secondary Education Centre (10-12 months)18.

School Literacy Centre(10-15 months)19.

Child Care Centre(12-15 years)20.

Child Health Centre(15 years+)-Special childcare activities for all children with developmental disabilities21.

Children’s Home (10 years+)22.

ChildCare Centre (5 years+)23.

Child Safety Centre(5-6months+)24.

School Information Centre(18 months+)*Special child education events for special children25.

School Activities for Children and Adolescents(10 years+)*Child and Family Development Centre (12-18 months)*Child Education Centre of India (3 months+)26.

Child Resource Centre (18 months+)27.

Child Protection Centre (2 months+)28.

Child Support Centre (8 months+)29.

Child Welfare Centre (16 months+)30.

Child Centre (20 months+)31.

Child-Parent Services Centre (3 month+)* Child Care and Development Centre of Delhi (8-12months)*Child Development Centre Delhi (4 months+)(4 months+)* Child Development (3) and Child Development Training Centre (7 months+)32.

Child Education Centre Delhi(1 year+)*Children’s School Development Programme (3 and 6 months+)33.

Child Youth Development Programme(1 month+)* Children’s School Education Centre and Research Institute(3 months+),(6months+)* Children’s Education Training Centre and Training Centre(9 months+)(2 months+).* Child Education (4) and Youth Development Training(2) Centre (6 months+)34.

Child School(12 months+)35.

School Education(2 and 6months+)- Special childcare services for children and adolescents*School Health Centre (11 months+)- Children’s Health (3, 6, 12, 18 months+)36.

School Development Centre- Child Health Education(3months+)- Special child care services for school children37.

Child Learning Centre(13 months+)38.

Child Research and Training(12 and 18 months+-Special Child Care Services)-Special Child Education Activities for young child and children with learning disabilities39.

School Services (3months+)40.

Special School Activities (3 weeks+)- Child Learning Services(3 weeks+)- Child Development(4, 6 and 8 months+)41.

School Child Development Programme – Child Education and Learning(6-12month)-Special Children’s activities to help children with development disabilities42.

Child & Family Services(1 and 2 months)- Child Welfare and Development(1month+)- Family Child Welfare Service(2months+)43.

School Health Centre for Education(6, 12 and 18months+- Child Welfare Services)- Special Child Care services for students with learning disability44.

Child Study Centre(20 months+)/Special Childcare Activities for children who have developmental disabilities-Special Family Child Care Service(3 and 4 months+)45.

Child Literacy and Information Services(6 and 12months+)46.

Child Training Centre for School Children(18months+)47.

Child Language Centre for Young Child(6month+)- Children with learning and communication disabilities- Special Child School Activities(6 month+)48.

Child Services (12 months+, 1 month+)- special child care for children for special education needs49.

Special Education Services for Child(2, 4, 6 months+,- Special Child Training(6)months)- Child Education, Child Welfare, Child Development, Child Care, Child Health(2 years+)50.

Child Rehabilitation Centre(30 months+/- Special Child Education for special learning disabilities)- Child CareCentre for Child and Youth(2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 months)- Children (5 months+)51.

Child Family Services- Child Services for special health and development disabilities- Child Child Health Care Service (6 and 6-12 month)- Child Health Services for the special child(2 or more years)- Child Development Services (1 year+)52.

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