Government to spend $1bn on childcare for young people

The Abbott Government is poised to spend more than $1 billion on childcare in the first half of next year, with a plan to extend the existing childcare payment into the future.Key points: The Government is planning to extend existing childcare payments into the first two years of a child’s educationChildcare payments have already been extended for two yearsThe Prime […]

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Which school should I attend? The experts explain how to select a school

Child education expert Michelle Bock says it’s all about getting the right child education to your child’s best interests.“It is very important that you are making a decision for your child based on a wide variety of factors,” she says.Bock believes you need to consider all aspects of the child’s educational background, including how much they have already done, how […]

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Why children in Britain are getting more and more from their parents

From compulsory child-care to breastfeeding, children in the UK are being increasingly taught to think of their parents as “superparents”, the UN’s Child Trends project has found.In a global analysis, Child Trends, which was carried out by the UN and published this week, looked at the development of children’s perceptions of their own parents, the role of parents in their […]

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