Parents can’t just give their children the basics; they have to provide them with the right skills to help them succeed in the workforce.

According to the Child Education Teacher and the Teacher’s Journey, parents must provide their children with the skills they need to become successful in the labour market.

These skills include skills that are essential for both the job and for life.

The skills required include: Knowledge of your child’s academic background; Ability to work collaboratively with peers and learn from the best; The ability to manage conflict, and The willingness to take on challenging and complex assignments; Knowhow in using a variety of computer, software and devices to solve problems; Experience in learning a wide range of languages; Skill set to take the job market; Personal responsibility to provide quality education to all children in your household.

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The CAHN supports the Children Education Leadership Initiative (CELLI) which was launched by the Government of India to create an infrastructure for the child education workforce.

The aim of CELLI is to improve the child outcomes and provide greater support to all families through the creation of a National Child Education Leadership Framework. 

CELLF is an initiative of the Government to encourage and support child care providers to develop and deliver child care services that are suitable for the needs of children from the ages of 3 months to 15 years. 

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