Posted September 21, 2019 07:04:31If you’re looking to help your child with their learning, you can help them out by supporting them with their own school, a child education charity says.

The Children’s Education Trust said it had a database of more than 100,000 parents who supported the learning of their children.

The trust has started a fundraising campaign for its ‘No School for the Child’ campaign, which aims to raise $15,000 to start a child-care centre for all children aged from three to 16 in the UK.

“We believe that the world is on the brink of a great transition, but we know that there is still much work to be done,” said Dr Helen Farrar, who leads the trust.

“The world is changing, and the changes in our world mean that parents have an important role to play in ensuring that their children are ready to go into school.”

For many parents, there are no other choices.

They may not be able to afford private school, but they can help to keep their children in school and support them to learn.

“There is a growing demand for a local child care network, which provides parents with the opportunity to make a difference to their child’s life.”

For a list of local child-centres, visit

The charity said it hoped the campaign would inspire more parents to join the effort.

“With the help of this database, we hope that we can start to bring the idea of the No School for The Child movement into the mainstream, and we will be working to build up the movement to more places around the country,” Dr Farrart said.

“Children’s education has always been a hugely important part of the British economy, and it is vital that the government continues to provide funding for child care.”

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