Military child care programs are among a growing number of businesses responding to President Donald Trump’s new push to provide childcare for military children.

The White House announced Tuesday that Trump will make childcare a priority of his first 100 days in office.

On Monday, Trump ordered the Pentagon to increase the number of childcare positions to 200,000.

In the last year, military children in the United States have accounted for about 40% of all the children served by the Department of Defense.

Since the start of the military’s use of child care, military families have benefited from a more flexible work schedule and increased support for children with special needs.

Military childcare providers have also been working to expand their service to support the growing number and variety of military families who rely on child care.

More than 2,500 child care providers are now part of a partnership with the Pentagon, according to the Defense Department.

“Military child care is the best way to support children who are ready for the military life,” Pentagon Secretary Bob Work said in a statement.

It also means working with local communities to connect children with families and provide resources to keep children safe.

Trump also directed the Pentagon’s Department of Veterans Affairs to expand its child care capacity to meet the needs of veterans.

A Pentagon spokesperson said in response to the announcement that the number and nature of child support orders will be determined by the VA as the VA continues to expand child care services to the Veterans population.

Veterans are required to pay child support, and they can be suspended, discharged or forced to repay child support if they do not pay within 30 days of the last time they received support.

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