A new toy designed for children that shows off their inner child is about to make its debut.

The toy is designed to explore the joys and secrets of children by bringing them together to play with a group of “child oriented” games, such as a cartoon where the characters have fun with toys.

It’s called The Kid’s Game and it’s based on the game by a Dutch company called Gogo, which has made more than 50,000 toys and games for children aged seven to 12.

The toys are made by ToyBunny and are based on an educational game called The Gogo Game, which can be played with friends.

The Kid’s Games toy is a set of four little games for adults and children, called The Kids’ Game, the Gogo Games, the Kindergarten Games and The Game of Friends.

It comes with four mini-games: “The Gogo”, “The Kindergarden”, “Mummy’s Garden” and “The Toy Store”.

It’s designed to be played by children aged 7 to 12 and will be available in April in the UK.

The game features an assortment of puzzles to help children explore the games, including a “toy house”, “playground” and a “train”.

It also features a variety of activities, including drawing and reading.

The idea behind the games was to explore what it’s like to be a child, said Mr Koopmans.

“Kids can play the GOGO games with other children or play alone,” he said.

“Children can have fun playing with their friends.”

The Kindergartens are more for older children, and the Toy Store is for younger children.

“The games will be launched at a public event in New York, where the company is based.

In New York and London, The Kid is available at various locations, including the Toy Bunnies in Manhattan, and The GOGOs at the Brooklyn Museum.

It will be sold at a retail price of $10.99 (£8.49) for the Kids’ Games toy and $14.99 for the Kindergarten Games toy.

It is also available at other stores including Amazon.com, Target and Walmart.

The company has already been selling the toys in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

It says its products will also be available for children in Europe and the United States.”

As the market continues to grow, we expect The Kid to become even more popular in the coming years,” said Mr Koopmans.


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