Teacher paid $200,000 for two children with Down’s syndrome to attend school, according to a contract obtained by Bloomberg.

The school, in Florida, would provide a home, tutoring, and other services.

The contract also says the children will have access to the school’s computers and social media, among other things.

The agreement was first reported by CNNMoney.

The children’s parents were not named.

In Florida, the contract was negotiated between Florida’s Department of Education and the Florida School for the Deaf, a nonprofit that provides home-schooling services to deaf children.

The program is not federally funded and is administered by the Department of Children and Families.

The Florida Department of Health has not said whether it approved the home-based program.

In addition to providing tutoring and other assistance, the Florida school provides special education services to students with disabilities.

The school’s director of education, Mark Tippett, told Bloomberg that the contract with the federal government was “part of a much larger conversation about education and learning in our state.”

The contract was approved by a panel of the state’s Office of the Governor, which oversees education.

The governor has broad authority to negotiate with federal agencies, including the Education Department.

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